Imagine freedom from constantly thinking about food or your weight…

It is possible.

I will show you how!

I work with busy physicians like you who have everything going for them.

They are intelligent, high achieving and caring physicians. But for some reason, they can’t figure out why their eating is out of control.

If this is you, please know that there is nothing wrong with you. There are aspects of being a physician that trigger overeating. And the skills we learned in medical school aren’t enough.

It takes a different approach

Through coaching you will learn to change your relationship with food permanently and eat food that fuels your body and makes you feel amazing.

And the bonus?

The rest of your life improves too!

You can lose the weight without the struggle — and feel

in control & unstoppable

Ready to find freedom from binge & stress eating without relying on willpower?

Choose Your Own Adventure

I work with clients in two ways. Private coaching for those who want a highly personalized and confidential solution for their emotional or binge eating concerns and group coaching for those who enjoy a supportive community environment & learning from each other’s experiences.

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Stop Stress Eating Without Willpower

The place to start is with the right beliefs.
These beliefs will change everything.
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