Together, shaping a new you.

Worrying about your weight? Let me help you take control.

Together, shaping a new you.

Worrying about your weight? Let me help you take control.

Dr. Siobhan Key MD CCFP (EM) (PC), Diplomat of ABOM

Your personal weight loss coach

Whether this is your first time seeking out support or have been down this road before, you understand the importance of your own health and wellbeing – physically, emotionally, and mentally. It can feel exhausting to never manage to get weight loss off your to-do list.  I will help you get it off your list for the last time.

I am a weight loss coach for physicians.  My coaching is private, confidential and evidence based.  Using a comprehensive approach including nutrition, CBT, and other techniques while working one on one allows us to dig deep and find solutions for the issues inhibiting your weight mastery. We can find a solution for any eating or weight related issue.


“I feel the validation I have received through this physician-supported program has been extremely important in decreasing the shame I have felt as a result of my weight.”


I have been a full service Family Physician since 2006.  Helping people with weight related issues has been a passion of mine for years.  This passion led me to become a Diplomat of the American Board of Obesity Medicine in 2018. I am a proud member of the Obesity Medicine Association (OMA) and of the BC Medicine Association.

I successfully created and have run a weight management program since 2016. Many continue to achieve their weight loss goals in this program.

There was a time in my life when I wished there was a weight loss program that understood the unique challenges of our profession.  As physicians it can be difficult for us to participate in public weight loss programs and our busy schedules and call make sticking to changes difficult. I created Weight Solutions for Physicians to be a personalized resource for you.

One on one coaching is private, confidential, and tailored to your busy schedule. It can be what you need it to be.


“Over the past few years, my mindset regarding food and eating has changed significantly. I believe Siobhan has had a huge impact on this. In the past, in tackling weight issues, I have always felt like I was flying blind. Not anymore.”


I can teach you why some habits feel impossible to change. Together, we will create effective, personalized solutions to gain freedom from these habits.

Positive Parenting Yourself to Weight Loss Success

The things we say…. “What the Hell were you thinking? Why do you keep doing this? I told you yesterday that you can’t do this anymore. Why aren’t you listening? I guess you just won’t listen. You are going to be destined for failure. There is no way you can succeed...

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