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Weight Loss Kickstart For Physicians

Lose The First Pounds… In a Way that Actually Lasts.

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You work too hard as a Physician to struggle about the same thing day after day.

Take back control

of your life

You deserve to feel
confident in
yourself and your
work as a

I’ve helped hundreds of people end the struggle

around food and create confidence and freedom.

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Your Steps to Freedom from

Stress & Binge Eating

Chances are you feel alone…

Find it difficult to stop eating after starting…

Or impossible to stick to a diet…

Maybe you even feel like a failure.

You are not alone.

You are working so hard for everyone else, there is little time or energy left to take care of you.

You deserve more than struggling with the same thing day after day. This is why I created a program exclusively for Physicians. To help you end the struggle around food. 

Stop feeling alone or out of control when it comes to your eating.

Create freedom around food and have more time and energy to do the things you love.

Download the 10 Powerful Beliefs to Stop Stress Eating to take your first step towards freedom.