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Thriving as a Physician

How to Lose Weight & Love Your Life


Physicians… Ready to lose weight and manage emotional or binge eating while loving your life more?

Hosted by Dr. Siobhan Key, an Obesity Medicine Physician and Certified Coach, this podcast teaches you practical, sustainable tools to lose weight and thrive in your life at the same time. Each episode will show you how to move away from always feeling restricted and frustrated to discovering what really works for lasting weight loss. You deserve to thrive. [Previously the Weight Solutions for Physicians podcast.]

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No More Crappy Diet Food!

Say it with me: “I refuse to eat crappy food I hate just to lose weight” Say it again. Say it louder. Sing it at the top of your lungs. If you need to, tattoo it on your arm so you can’t forget it. We have been told for SO many years that we should be satisfied with...

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Binge Eating – Where to Start?

Did you know that most of the ways people try to stop binge eating actually makes the binging worse? It’s true. And it’s why binge eating feels so insurmountable. What you focus on when you try to stop binge eating matters. It is possible to take back control even if...

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Restriction v.s. Abundance

Restriction sucks big time.  I suspect you agree with me on this.  None of us like to be restricted. But the moment we start thinking about losing weight, we are shifting into restrictive thoughts… “I guess I can’t have cream in my coffee any more…” “So & So on...

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The ‘right way’ to lose weight as a physician

I wanted to share something with you that came up the other day in a coaching call. This is such an important foundational shift in how you think about your weight and eating that I recorded you a whole podcast episode about it. We’ve been taught to look for the “one...

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My 3 Best Tips

Giving yourself permission to slow down and take care of yourself and your own well-being is a skill that I work on with Physicians inside the Thriving As A Physician program. This week on the podcast I share the importance of self-compassion and celebrating...

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Dealing with tough things

As much as I wish a smooth and happy life for you, the reality is that tough things are going to happen. Knowing what to do when the tough things happen is an important skill for managing your weight long term. Often a big life event is what leads to people regaining...

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5 Reasons Physicians Struggle With Food

I really thought there was something wrong with me.  And I was petrified that other people would find out. After all, I was a family doctor.  I talked to patients about eating healthy all day long.  But I couldn’t stop myself from heading into the drive through at the...

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Breaking Free From Food Guilt

Can we all agree that food guilt sucks? You choose to eat something because you have a craving or it simply looks good. And then moments after you have taken the last bite… guilt comes in and sucker punches you in the gut <Oof!> So you wake up the next morning...

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Stop Letting Your Hidden Standards Slow You Down

Do you ever crawl into bed feeling like your to-do list won the day? Or maybe you're beating yourself up because you think you're not doing enough for your kids' school events? Well, I've got something special for you. This week's podcast episode is a must-listen! We...

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Debunking Stress Eating Myths

Debunking Stress Eating Myths

There is so much talk out there about weight loss and eating. How do you know what is actually true? And then when it comes to things like stress and emotional eating, it can be even more confusing. There’s a whole lot of bad advice out there. That’s why this week on...

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How to Thrive in Your Weight Loss & Life

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