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Helping Physicians Lose Weight & Thrive In Their Lives

Dr. Siobhan Key

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Dr. Siobhan Key Weight Solutions for Physicians

I work with busy physicians, like you, who are masters of juggling multiple demands on their time and energy.


But there’s one thing you haven’t been able to figure out –

how to consistently stick to your healthy eating plans so you can

lose the weight!

you want.

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I’m Siobhan Key, Weight Loss Coach for Physicians. I am an expert in emotional & binge eating, a practicing Obesity Medicine & Family Physician, mom to three fantastic kids & an avid runner.

I am here to help

As a physician, you may say to yourself…”I know what to do to lose weight, I just need to get myself to do it…”


But despite your best intentions, it gets really hard to stick to your plans as your day gets busy and stressful.

And then you feel out of control with snacking in the evening and promise yourself that you will start again tomorrow…

Dr. Siobhan Key Weight Solutions for Physicians

Lose Weight for Good,

Find Peace With Food & Love Your Life More

You can lose weight with confidence and ease feeling

in control & unstoppable

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Ready to thrive in your weight loss without relying on willpower?


If you are like most physicians, you are constantly juggling a million responsibilities.













so many balls in the air!

And often, taking care of yourself ends up being the ball that gets dropped.

It’s no wonder that managing your weight for good hasn’t happened yet.

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Dr. Siobhan Key Weight Solutions for Physicians

Have you have looked for help, but haven’t found someone who truly understands your life as a physician?


As a physician who struggled with her weight and emotional eating, I get it…

I couldn’t find help either when I needed it.

Help is here!

Professional. Evidence-based.

Exclusively for Physicians.

As an obesity medicine physician and certified weight loss coach, I have the unique combination of high level understanding of the science of weight loss and behaviour change and powerful coaching skills.

I help physicians like you learn the underlying reasons why you are struggling with your weight and how to lose it for the last time.

(And it has nothing to do with the “eat less, exercise more” approach we were taught in medical school)

Dr. Siobhan Key Weight Solutions for Physicians

Learn to stay in control of your eating even during the super chaotic weeks!

I Believe

that enjoying how you lose weight is the missing skill to keeping your weight off for good.

Transform your weight loss journey today with expert coaching.

No longer constantly thinking about your weight — or beating yourself up about food choices — can truly transform your life!


When you create peace with food, it opens up mental space for more enjoyable things.

Picture going out to eat and easily sticking to your plan without feeling deprived or restricted.


It feels amazing to enjoy a delicious meal with great company and walk away knowing that you honoured your goals.

That’s what thriving in your weight loss feels like.

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If you have tried other weight loss programs and didn’t get the results you wanted, you may find it hard to believe that you could reach your weight loss goals and find peace with food.

You may be afraid to try again without knowing that it will work for sure.
The failure that can build with each ride on the weight loss roller coaster can feel suffocating.

It’s time to let that go!

Losing weight as a physician has unique challenges and takes more than a diet to solve.


Thriving in weight loss and life is possible with the right support and the right tools.

Weight loss has never felt like this.

Dr. Siobhan Key Weight Solutions for Physicians

Everything I teach is based on my experience as an Obesity Medicine Physician and years of coaching physicians on all aspects of eating and weight loss.


If you want someone who knows the science but also can teach you the skills to overcome all of your habits,


You’re in the right place!

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My Accomplishments Include:

Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach through The Life Coach School

Diplomat of the American Board of Obesity Medicine 2018

Creator and host of the Thriving As A Physician Podcast: How to Lose Weight & Love Your Life

Member of the Obesity Medicine Association

Developer and Medical Director of Aspen Weight Management, a local Obesity Medicine program.

Personal experience with losing and maintaining a weight loss of 55 pounds

Half Marathoner and early morning runner (even in the cold Canadian winters!)

You Can Lose The Weight You Want While Loving Everything You Do to Lose It

(No Willpower Needed)

I Can Show You How.

Med school wasn’t enough…

Like you, I finished my medical training and was excited to get into the world to start helping people. Over the years I realized that I wasn’t helping people change their lifestyle or lose weight effectively. What we learned in medical school wasn’t enough.

At the same time, I was overweight myself. I had tried different weight loss programs without lasting success and found juggling a busy work schedule, young children, and all the other demands on my time had me hitting a brick wall in my weight loss.

I was a busy doctor teaching health but with eating habits that I knew weren’t healthy — and yet couldn’t stop. I tried, but I wasn’t able to stop craving and eating junk food.

I looked for someone who could help me lose weight and figure out why I couldn’t stop eating junk food. I needed someone who knew what my life and schedule was like as a doctor and a mom. 

But I couldn’t find anyone.

Dr. Siobhan Key Weight Solutions for Physicians
Dr. Siobhan Key Weight Solutions for Physicians

We have to learn how to 

get out of our own way!

So I realized I had to do it myself, and I needed more education. If my med school knowledge wasn’t working, I had to find out what would. I needed better tools.

On this path, I became an Obesity Medicine Physician and discovered the power of lower carb eating for weight loss. In the years that I have been practicing Obesity Medicine, it has become more and more clear to me that success isn’t just about finding the “right” diet.

I was feeling great on lower carb eating, but would still struggle with sticking to it on those really busy days or when I was on call. It was like my brain was looking for excuses to give me fast food cravings.

The solution for my own overeating issues was learning how my thoughts were causing my overeating. I found the answers not from another medical conference – but in Life Coach training.

By becoming aware of your thoughts, you can find the root causes of overeating and weight gain. Because, weight struggles aren’t actually about the food. It is about your thoughts and your stress levels that then drive the cravings and eating.

When you stop focussing on just changing the food, and fix the underlying causes, it becomes simple and enjoyable to stay on your eating plan.  

Once I got a handle on these tools, my life transformed! I could easily deal with busy days and not need to eat my stress away. All those bad habits that felt so hard to change for years, disappeared in a matter of days.

I wanted to give back to my colleagues. I know what it is like to look for knowledgable, compassionate help and not find it.

I started Weight Solutions for Physicians

so you wouldn’t have to do this alone.

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You too can experience how simple losing weight becomes when your brain and heart join forces.

You can easily make choices to stay on your plan without relying on willpower.

You can learn to appreciate your body for the wonderful thing it is now — and move forward with your weight loss from a place of self love.

Then everything changes!

Dr. Siobhan Key Weight Solutions for Physicians

Nail Your Weight Loss Goals While Learning To Thrive In Your Life

With Expert Support 

Every day, I teach amazing physicians like you that with the right support, a plan and the drive, you can lose weight with confidence that it won’t be coming back.

And I am living proof.

To learn more about my coaching program and how it can transform your weight and your life, click here.

How to Thrive in Your Weight Loss & Life

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