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I’m sitting here writing this wondering where 2023 went. Do you feel that way too?

Now before you rush to start setting goals for 2024, I suggest you pause and think about how to wrap up 2023 in a way that will help you move forward in 2024.

It’s what I’m teaching you this week on the Thriving As A Physician podcast.

Because if you don’t do this work, the version of the year will likely have a negative bias. Which is a little like dragging a sack of bricks forward into the new year while you try to move towards new goals.

It makes the journey harder (and less fun) 👎

Even if it feels like things didn’t go well this year, there will still be wins. There will still be wisdom you can learn from.

So take a moment to think about the challenges you faced this year. What are you proud of?

What wins did you have this year?

What did you learn about yourself that will help you moving forward?

Wrapping up 2023 in a way that feels good means it becomes a springboard for you in 2024. Listen to the podcast episode below.

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