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End Your Weight Loss Struggles For Good.

Weight loss coaching will help you amaze yourself! Watch now!

I work with busy physicians, like you, who are masters of juggling multiple demands on their time and energy .

The only problem is that there is one thing you haven’t been able to figure out; how to lose weight and keep it off. 

As a physician, you may feel like you know what to do but find that it is so hard to stick to an eating plan when you are busy and stressed. By the end of the day, you can’t seem to stop snacking.

Through coaching you will learn to change your relationship with food permanently and eat food that fuels your body and makes you feel amazing.

 So that you can lose weight feeling in control and unstoppable.

Do you:

  • Catch yourself reminiscing about past weight loss and having a “Mean Girls”-style internal conversation about how it seemed to magically reappear?

  • Feel constantly exhausted by trying to figure this out without seeing the results you want?

  • Suddenly find yourself hitting the drive through and ordering #allthethings after a crazy day at work, even though you had been so careful at the beginning of the week?

  • Try to talk yourself into staying on your plan in the evening and yet find yourself raiding the candy cupboard once the kids are in bed?

  • Carry a secret shame about the fact that you are a doctor who hasn’t “fixed” your eating yet?

Imagine how free you will feel when you have the confidence and the skills to be in any situation and not have a desire to overeat!

What if you could….

  • Stick to your plan effortlessly regardless of how busy the day is, how late you were up working or what tempting food crosses your path because you have the skills to manage any craving?


  • Spend your free time doing things you enjoy and with a sense of peace because you have so much mental & emotional space cleared up by not constantly thinking about food & your weight


  • Drive past the fast food that used to call your name without even flinching because you have absolutely no desire to eat there anymore?


  • Lose weight and watch the scale go down predictably because you know exactly what you need to do and how to make yourself do it?


  • Eat out with friends, have a fantastic time and walk away with added confidence because you stuck to your plan with ease?


  • Shine on as an amazing physician because you have let go of all the self doubt about your ability to be a role model?

You are an amazing physician!  You have incredible knowledge and help so many people every day.  You know how to show up and get things done! 

Work, kids, house, and family….you’ve got it handled.  

If your weight is the one thing you haven’t figured out, you deserve to get the best support available so you can take it off your to do list for the last time.


The Weight Solutions for Physicians Program

A 3-month comprehensive weight loss program that will transform your relationship with food and let you lose all the weight you want.  

Say goodbye to feeling out of control about your weight and eating because you never have to struggle again!

The Weight Solutions for Physicians Program is all about addressing the areas you struggle with and creating lasting solutions that will allow you to finally have an unmatched freedom and confidence about your ability to manage your weight.


You will learn to:

    • Experience any food craving and not eat the food without relying on willpower

    • Find the root causes of your daily stress and create small modifications that have big impacts so you finish your days with some spring in your step!

    • Make peace with the scale. Up, down or no change, the scale will no longer be able to send you into a tailspin of worry and doubt.

    • Eat in a way that leaves you feeling satisfied and losing weight.

    • Survive any special events with your weight loss intact

    • Let go of deeply engrained habits that are no longer serving you.

    • Build skills that last long after the coaching is done so you have the confidence to manage your weight for the rest of your life.

    • Appreciate (and maybe one day, love) your body now and in the future, regardless of your size or shape.  Because it is the only one you have (and it does amazing things!)

    • Not feel deprived when you eat on your plan or say no to tempting foods.

Siobhan has helped me recognize triggers for my out of control eating- it’s amazing how significantly just that awareness can alter behaviour.


Here’s what you’ll get when you join The Weight Solutions for Physicians Program:

  • Twelve private weekly 30 min coaching calls so you’re not doing any of this alone. We use these sessions to dive deep into the areas that trip you up in your weight loss and help you develop solutions that work in your life.

  • Coach’s Corner: weekly video lessons delivered to your inbox that teach you practical skills to help  you stop even the most difficult eating habits. These topics build on what we cover in your coaching sessions

  • Unlimited email contact with me between coaching sessions so you get your questions answered and extra support when it matters.

The Weight Solutions for Physicians Program is a one of a kind experience that is tailored to busy physicians like yourself.  It is private, confidential and evidence based so you can get the help you need with the privacy you want.


Nothing compares to one on one coaching to finding the true solutions for your weight struggles.  It is the most efficient way to lose weight for the last time!


The Weight Solutions for Physicians Program is the only program that combines the benefits of Obesity Medicine knowledge with powerful coaching tools.  It will let you transform your relationship with food and end your weight struggles with more ease than you can imagine.

If you have desperately been seeking someone to help you end your weight struggles for good, book your free session now.

Investment $2600 (payment plans available)

What makes The Weight Solutions for Physicians Program like no other weight loss program is the one on one coaching with the only Certified Physician Weight Loss Coach with Obesity Medicine certification. 

 You get the benefit of my knowledge of the science of weight loss AND the transformative coaching skills that make all the difference in lasting change.

Clients tell me over and over that not only does their whole experience with weight loss change but they also feel more in control of their days and feel less stressed.  You have to experience it to believe it!

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