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Work-life balance… An elusive entity if there ever was one!

I remember first hearing this talked about in med school, as we were picking our various specialties.  And I remember feeling like it was something that could easily be achieved if you decided you wanted it.

Flash forward to being in practice and that balance we talked so much about as students seems like an impossible goal.

The “work” side of the equation expands to fill more of our lives than we ever could have imagined and the “life” side ends up getting jammed in around the edges.

What gives?

There are multiple factors that can impact your work-life balance.  Obviously there are system, medical culture and remuneration issues that can impact this – but we are going to leave those alone for today.

What I am focussing on today is one area that is in your control.

Because if we start with what is in your control, you will start to feel empowered in your ability to create change even when the system stays the same.

Finding work-life balance means learning how to balance your ability to lean in and work with your ability to lean back and relax.

As physicians we often lean in easily – we’ve been trained for this.

We struggle to lean back and choose relaxation instead of working more.

In this week’s podcast episode, I am teaching you how to start building this skill and how it can not only make your life better, but also help your weight loss journey. Listen to the full episode below.

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