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One of the most damaging beliefs you can have is the feeling that as a Physician you should have your own weight figured out. 

This topic comes up frequently in the Stress Eating SOS program. It’s this feeling that because you are a Physician you should have figured out your own weight. Or, the belief that because you are a Physician you shouldn’t struggle with weight. 

Maybe you think that you shouldn’t be talking to patients about their weight because you haven’t figured it out for yourself yet. None of this is true.

This belief is damaging and makes it harder for you to lose weight. It creates feelings of shame and isolation. 

It is my personal mission to help you let go of this shame and isolation.

Your personal life experience allows you to bring more empathy and experience of your lived experience to your patients. In fact, you are probably the best person to help them.

Here’s the truth:

  1. Med School shorted you on weight loss knowledge.  It painted an oversimplified picture that missed some of the really big skills that actually lead to lasting weight loss. There are better ways.
  2. There are many aspects of being a physician that drives overeating and makes it hard to be consistent in following through with plans.  To be successful, you have to address these issues with approaches that work in your life.  Diets don’t do this.

So, how do you do it in your own life? How do you do it consistently? How do you do it when you don’t want to? This missing piece is something that we focus on in the Stress Eating SOS program. So that you are able to lose weight in the most efficient way possible (and keep it off).

Listen to the full podcast episode to understand why it can feel so hard to lose weight as a physician and how to create a customized approach that works in your life.

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