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Did you know that most of the ways people try to stop binge eating actually makes the binging worse?

It’s true. And it’s why binge eating feels so insurmountable.

What you focus on when you try to stop binge eating matters.

It is possible to take back control even if you feel like binges run your life right now, BUT the weight loss rules you learned back when you were rocking out to Vanilla Ice aren’t going to cut it.

If you really want to stop always looking over your shoulder worrying about when the next binge might show up, we have to do things completely differently.

I recorded you a podcast episode sharing the best ways to get started. Have a listen here or on your favorite podcast app.

Here’s the important lifelines I wish everyone knew:

🛟 Binge eating is not a food issue. The food is a symptom, not a cause of the problem. Which means time spent trying not to binge just leaves you exhausted and still feeling out of control

🛟 Binge eating is not your fault and there is no shame in having binge eating. When you really understand it, it makes total sense. (and when you understand it, you can start to change it)

🛟 Binge eating thrives in secrecy, restriction and shame. To heal, you need to focus on shifting these (I go into these themes in more detail during the podcast episode)

Make sure you check out this episode to learn where to focus and how to avoid some of the big pitfalls I see physicians struggling with. Click below to listen now.

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