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I have a goal that I have been working on for close to 10 years. And I have never even gotten close to it.

My goal is to run a half marathon in less than 2 hours.

I really want to reach it. I can picture how amazing it will feel to cross that line in under 2 hours. I have tried and worked at it a lot.

And yet..I have made progress some years and other years have lost some of my hard fought progress.

Do you have a goal like this?

My weight loss was like this for many years. Where I was working on it but never actually getting to that goal.

Did you know…How you manage the times when you don’t reach a goal has more impact on if you will reach that goal than anything else?

It’s true.

Especially in weight loss, we have been taught to approach goals with an all or nothing mindset.

We set the goal. And then if we don’t hit it (or perceive that we might not hit it), we label it as failing and give up.

But goals aren’t there to tell us if we are succeeding or failing.

They are there to give us something to aim for.

By aiming at a goal, we start to change our habits to help move towards the goal.

But sometimes your aim is off. That doesn’t mean you won’t hit the goal.

It just means you need to tweak things.

Adjust your aim.

Find new solutions for things that are tripping you up.

A great way to start thinking about new solutions and how to manage your own goals is by listening to this week’s podcast episode. I’m talking all about my big, impossible goal and sharing tips on what to do when you miss one of your own goals inside.

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