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Let’s face it… life as a physician often means feeling like you are constantly running and never quite catching up on everything.

There is always something else to do on that endless list.

It is no surprise that you may have really good intentions to find some time for yourself…

…Maybe you even CRAVE time for yourself deep in your bone marrow…

And yet keep finding yourself without more than a few minutes each day (and by the time you have those few precious minutes, you are too exhausted to do anything but collapse on the sofa with a snack in your lap).

There are reasons why it is so hard to find time for yourself.

And there are good ways to start creating space for you in your days (without dropping the ball on the other important things in your life)

Learning how to create time for yourself while being a physician is an important quality of life skill. It also will help settle a lot of the evening overeating you may be dealing with.

Listen to this week’s episode below to discover how to start carving out space for you in your busy days.