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Welcome to the first posting on the Weight Solutions for Physicians website.  I’m so excited to see this finally coming to reality!  When I was a busy family physician and mom of twins struggling with my weight, I remember googling to find someone who had experience helping people like me lose weight.  I felt I should know what to do and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t make myself do it.  As soon as I got tired or overwhelmed, I went back to my old eating habits.  I couldn’t find anyone who had a specialty in helping doctors with weight issues.  Someone who knew what it was like to be on call, not sleep, not have access to food from home and still have to go to work the next day. Flash forward 7 or 8 years and there are still very few resources specifically for physicians.

In this podcast, I will take my learning from my obesity medicine training and my experience in helping people lose weight and apply it to how you can use it in a busy life. We will cover weight topics from a comprehensive approach and talk about all aspects of weight and eating and how our thought patterns influence both of these things.

Listen to this episode to meet me, your host, Siobhan Key and find out how maintaining the right mindset can make all the difference in your weight loss journey.   Let’s be kind to ourselves. Let’s be patient. And let’s do this together. 

In this episode.

  • Introducing myself
  • My weight loss path personally and professionally
  • Approaching weight loss with the best mind set
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