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How do you lose weight… Just stick to your diet and throw in some regular exercise, right?… Sounds simple, so why does it feel so hard?

Why does it feel so hard to do on a busy week when you are a physician juggling your office schedule, being on call and still trying to show up and be a good mom?

Why does it feel so hard when everyone around you seems to be able to eat what they want (and insist on doing that in front of you)?

Why does it feel so hard when you have had a “good” week (and worked hard on it!) and yet the scale hasn’t moved (again)?

Because the idea that weight loss just involves “sticking to a diet” is a gross oversimplification.

“Sticking to your diet” to lose weight (and keep it off) involves many other skills that you probably haven’t been taught.

These are the weight loss skills that no one talks about.

I am teaching you about them in this week’s podcast episode.

“Sticking to Your Diet” is an umbrella.  It covers a lot of ground.  Underneath that umbrella are multiple other skills that make it possible.  Each of those skills takes practice to build proficiency.

Think of it like this…  In medicine we do many complex activities.  You learn as a med student “How to deliver a baby”.  But the reality of doing deliveries is that you don’t become proficient until you learn a lot of other skills — How to manage labour, how to interpret an EFM, how to manage a shoulder dystocia, how to manage an induction….. I could go on and on….

The umbrella skill of “Delivering Babies” is made up of many other skills.

How does this impact your weight loss journey?

By focussing on these smaller but essential skills, weight loss becomes less overwhelming.  The process of “Sticking to Your Diet” becomes more step by step.  You know what you need to problem solve instead of just feeling like you can’t lose weight.

And more importantly, the weight loss becomes more lasting.

Sound good? Then check out the podcast episode below.

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