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Have you ever wondered why diets haven’t worked for you?

After all, you are smart. You have A LOT of knowledge and weight loss experience. So why haven’t the diets worked?

Is it something to do with you?

I used to worry about this. I thought I had some sort of defect related to eating. After all, “normal” people weren’t bothered by food in the same way as I was, right? So it must mean there was something wrong with me since I couldn’t stop eating… even when I knew I wasn’t hungry.

If you’ve worried about the same thing, then listen closely…

There is nothing wrong with you.

You are not defective.

The diets haven’t worked because they are missing huge pieces of the puzzle.

The problem was always with the diets, not with you.

To reach your weight loss goals (and stay there) you need to start with a solid foundation. And building a solid foundation doesn’t have anything to do with the “right” diet.
Your weight loss foundation includes things like understanding why you eat when you do (in a completely non-critical way) so that you can understand what role food is playing for you.

Until you understand the essential parts of the foundation of weight loss, it will always be hard to stick to a diet.

But once you learn how to manage your mind around food by starting with a good foundation, sticking to any eating plan becomes simple.

Learn my tips for building a strong foundation for weight loss in this week’s podcast episode. Listen to the full episode below.

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In this episode.

  • Learn how to manage your mind around food
  • Tips for building a strong foundation for weight loss
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