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Do you ever feel pulled in two opposite directions?

Now, being a physician, your answer is probably, “Yes, all the time!”. But what I am talking about today is not external forces dividing your energy… but the times where you are pulled in two directions in your own head.

You know this situation… You have a thought about eating a certain food and at the same time have a thought about how you shouldn’t. You then proceed to have a full discussion between the two sides and wait with bated breath to see which side wins. I like to visualize this as a tug of war. Both sides heaving on opposites sides of the rope trying to win their argument.

Which side usually wins for you?

Take back your control

The problem with this scenario is that it makes us feel powerless. We feel at the whim of the arguments in our head.

It is important to really look at these tug of wars and what really underlies them. When you understand the root of this process, you can start taking back your control.

The truth is that both arguments are just thoughts. They are two simultaneous thoughts and each side generates its own emotion. The side that can generate the stronger emotion, wins the tug of war.

So picture thinking about eating some form of junk food. The “eat it” side will be describing how fantastic the food will taste, how much better you will feel and how everything else will be fixed with the food. The “don’t eat it” side will be talking about why you shouldn’t eat the food, how you aren’t hungry and you don’t really need it. You may feel desire or other strong emotions from the “eat it” side and maybe a totally different emotion from the “don’t eat it” side.

Get both sides to be on the same team

Who wins in this tug of war depends on how strong the arguments are.

You can influence the outcome of the tug of war by focussing on reducing the arguments on the “eat it” side and bolstering the arguments on the “focus on your goals” side.

But, what is really amazing is when you can get the “eat it” side to either drop its side of the rope or even switch sides and start pulling in the same direction. Then everything changes. Food decisions become simple and easy. Weight loss becomes simple and easy.

Listen to this week’s podcast below to learn more about how to end these internal tug of wars and find weight loss ease.


Your weight loss can be easy!

The number one factor that decides if losing weight is easy or filled with struggle is your thoughts. Learning to managing your thoughts and make them work for you and your goals is the best investment you can make in yourself. Click below to schedule your free session with me to see how I can help make your weight loss journey an easy one.


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