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Travelling and vacation can be a big challenge when it comes to weight loss.

You have your routines and go-to options that work for you at home and then all of the sudden you have to reinvent it all on the road.

Add in tempting different food options around you and it can feel like your weight loss plans go up in flames until you get home🔥

I used to always feel like I was starting over after travelling. I felt like I had no choice but to eat all the things when I was away from home (and maybe there was a bit of “I deserve to eat all the things” thrown in there too 😉)

But as a physician, you can end up travelling a lot when you factor in conferences, meetings and then vacations. This means knowing how to manage your eating and still enjoying your trip is an ESSENTIAL weight loss skill.

This week in the podcast, I am sharing my tips on how I do travel differently now. We just returned from a week long road trip that presented all sorts of challenges and I’m giving you a behind the scenes look at how I handled them.

Here is how to approach any upcoming trip:

Decide how you want it to go. Before you leave, make a decision about how you want your eating to go. Are you eating everything? Sticking to your plan 100%? Or something in between?

Set yourself up for success. What would be helpful to carry out your plan? Do you want to bring food with you? Order groceries when you get there?

Get creative. Look in the grocery stores, restaurants and nearby markets to find things that work for your body but that you are also excited to eat. Don’t be afraid to combine things or ask for extra portions of protein as a side etc.

Focus on harm reduction. It’s hard to be perfect when you don’t have direct control over how the food is prepared (plus nobody is ever perfect anyways) so focus on doing the best you can and trust that you will figure out whatever happens.

Listen to the podcast episode below for more details about each of these tips.

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