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The flutter starts in my stomach and builds into my chest.  A slow smile spreads to my face.  I welcome the excitement in…  It signals that I have an idea that will make a big difference to the physician in front of me.

She isn’t feeling excited.  Anything but! 

She’s frustrated because she can’t figure out why she keeps eating sugary food after coming home from the hospital even when she has promised herself over and over that she is going to stop.

And yet it keeps happening.  Night after night.  Over and over again.

Have you been there?

“How can this be so hard when I do so many more complicated things at work? Why can’t I figure this out???” the physician asks me.

The answer I give her is simple.

You haven’t figured this out because you have a skill gap.  That’s it.  Nothing is going wrong.  It is just a series of skills that you need to learn & practice.

The idea that it isn’t a personal defect but just some missing skills is such a relief!

This is what I am sharing with you this week on the podcast: The 6 essential skills that you need to learn to be successful in lasting weight loss.

After all, we are good at learning skills.  We have learned extremely complex ones in the course of our training.  

And every single one of them was overwhelming and awkward when we first learned them.

Do you remember the first time you tried to intubate someone?  It was a confusing landscape of anatomy that you likely were unsuccessful in navigating the first time.  Maybe you struggled a lot of times before you finally got it…  But it was ok because you knew it was part of the process.

What if weight loss was the same?

The struggle is ok.

Doing things unsuccessfully the first, second, third (or more) times is ok because you are learning new skills.

Check out this week’s episode on the Thriving As A Physician Podcast to learn more about the top 6 skills that physicians need to learn in their weight loss and how you can start to apply them to your own weight loss.

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