The Secret Sauce

If there was one secret to long term weight loss, what would it be? What makes the difference between maintaining your weight with constant will power and living with a new weight and a sense of weight freedom? The secret sauce is your thoughts.

Your thoughts make the difference between excelling with ease and struggling.  When you catch your self sabotaging your own efforts, it was your thoughts that did it. When you feel super charged up and focussed about something, it’s your thoughts that are helping you.

Your thoughts can be your biggest tool in weight loss.  Your thoughts can also be your biggest barrier to weight loss.  

Do you remember “Choose Your Own Adventure” Books? I used to love those.  On each page, you get a choice about which way you want the story to go.  Managing your thoughts is like that.  Every day there are multiple times when your day and your thoughts could go one way or another.  They can take you to fantastic heights of success or they can bring you down to the pits of stress and overwhelm. Learning to make intentional choices about where your thoughts go and how they effect you is a essential tool in weight loss.

Are you wondering why I have a picture of me looking like a Yeti at the top of this post? Listen to this weeks episode about using your thoughts to power your weight loss journey and how I use my thoughts to get out the door for a run even on the super cold days.

The Thought Model

The Thought Model I discuss in this episode is from Brooke Castillo at The Life Coach School. Here is the basic model.  We will build on this in other episodes.

  • C: Circumstances (The facts of the situation)
  • T: Thoughts (What we think about our circumstances)
  • F: Feelings (Triggered by our thoughts, how we feel)
  • A: Actions (The actions we take based on our feelings and thoughts)
  • R: Results (The results we get in our life, caused by our actions) 

You don’t have to do this alone.

Do you want help applying these principles to your own life and weight loss journey? Having a coach can help bring clarity to problems that feel unsolvable.  Book a free introductory session to see how I can help.

In this episode.

  • Why thoughts matter
  • The thought model
  • How to make this work for you