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Re-engineering is a concept I worked with inside the Thrive Academy Platinum group.

It’s so powerful that I wanted to share with you too – so I recorded a podcast episode for you!

Think of all the things you tell yourself you “should” be doing but just can never get yourself to actually do them.

Traditional diet teaching would mean that you are failing.

But what if we looked at this from a different angle?

Everytime you tell yourself you “should” do something and your brain throws on the e-brake with a big “No Way”, is an opportunity to build a better approach.

There is wisdom in that resistance.

Something about what you are trying to do doesn’t work for you. Plain and simple.

Now, you can try to push through with willpower and grit (we’ve all done that and it works for a little bit)

OR you can get curious about the resistance by asking “Why don’t I want to do this?”.

Then use that wisdom to re-engineer your plans so they work better for you (and thus are easier to follow through with long term).

Wanna learn how to do this? Then it is time to listen to the full podcast episode by clicking below.

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