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How Do You Manage Your Thoughts?

Managing your thoughts in an active manner is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself. It’s power extends well beyond matters of weight or eating. Thought management can make every aspect of your life better and help you reach goals you may not think are possible.

When I speak of thought management, I am referring to staying aware of what thoughts you have throughout the day and recognizing the impact those thoughts have on your day, your mood, your stress levels, and ultimately your actions. Thought management also refers to choosing thoughts intentionally and using the power of your thoughts to be able to stick to your plans, enjoy your day, and finish the day feeling relaxed and satisfied.

Thought management is the cornerstone of long term weight loss.

Old Thoughts Can Creep Back

It is easy to lose a little focus in this process. It can feel like you are managing your thoughts, but you may not be as actively involved and this can allow old thought patterns to sneak back in.

If you notice this happening, it is totally fine. Nothing is going wrong. It is just normal brain behaviour. When you start to have old thought patterns coming up, recognizing it is the first step. The next step is just getting back to routines that allow you to more actively manage your thoughts. Start journalling again. Choose an intentional thought for each day. Make thought management a priority.

This process is a life long process. Brains can be slippery and like to return to old habits. That’s ok. You just have to be prepared to continue to work on it. I once heard this referred to as “Constant Vigilance” (gotta love a Harry Potter reference ) which describes the process well. Trust me that it is worth it.

Listen in to this week’s episode for more tips of maintaining active thought management in your weight loss journey. Click below to listen.

You Can Achieve All Your Goals

Your brain is an amazingly powerful tool. When you learn to manage it, your can do and achieve anything. I help people like you learn how to apply these tools to your busy life to lose weight and feel in control of emotional and binge eating. Click below to book a free introductory session so we can talk about how I could best help you reach your goals.

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