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On today’s show we are talking about how to tame the scale. I’m going to teach you how to use the scale so it works for you and not against you. The scale has played many different roles in my own journey – it’s been a judge, a cheerleader, and something I avoid. How can we flip its influence and use it purely as a tool to reach our goals?

The problem with avoiding it is that when you do step on the scale, the number can change the course of your day. It’s easy to see an increase in numbers, even though you are working hard to reach your goals, and be discouraged. Working on your relationship with the scale is an important piece of a long-term weight loss journey.

The scale measures your gravitational pull on Earth at that specific moment in time. Nothing else. Think of the power we actually give the scale. We place our own self-worth in those numbers and let it dictate how we feel about our journey. 

Your self-worth is not related to your size or weight. Remember that failure isn’t a risk, it is just part of the process. Failure only comes when we give up.

Let the numbers be a data point that gives you insights to achieving your goals rather than the measure of success or failure. It is still beneficial to check the scale. It allows you to stay focused on your goal. You can decide what the scale means to you; the number itself is neutral.

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In this episode.

  • Decide what you are going to think about the numbers before stepping on the scale.
  • Use the numbers as data points to inform your journey.
  • Actively work on changing and observing your thoughts about the scale.
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