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Let’s do a quick exercise…

List (in your mind or on paper) all the things you are wanting to improve in your life.

What’s on your list?

… lose weight?

… eat healthier?

… get more activity?

… find time to do a hobby?

… catch up at work?

… declutter your house?

What other ones do you have?

Now, think about that list.  How do you feel?





Here’s the thing – we have lovely brains as physicians.  They can handle a lot of different tasks in a day and they are fantastic at problem solving.

We do it all day long.

But sometimes the ability to see everything that needs to get done combined with a high achieving mindset can get in your way.

It can slow you down.

This week in the podcast, I am talking about how to go from feeling like everything needs to change to creating real change by using the power of constraint.

Trust that small changes in one area will have ripple effects in other areas.

It is more effective (and kinder to yourself).

Listen to the full podcast episode below.

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