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If food cravings, stress eating and eating habits are driving the bus in your weight loss, then this week’s episode on the Thriving As A Physician Podcast is for you.

It’s exhausting to feel controlled by food.

You are trying to eat healthy and lose weight but at the same time don’t trust yourself around certain foods.  

Maybe you even worry about having unexpected cravings pop up in your day because one misplaced craving can dismantle days of hard work towards your goals.

And you are putting so much mental energy into trying to figure this out that you end up feeling exhausted by it all.

I’m sharing a 3 step process for taking your control back in this week’s episode.  Be sure to listen to the full episode at the end of this post.

Step 1: Acknowledge Your Choices

The first step to getting back in control is to start thinking in terms of choices.  You are allowed to make the choice to eat junk food (even when you are working towards weight loss).  You are allowed to choose to eat to deal with stress.  Owning those choices immediately helps you step into the driver’s seat even when the choices don’t support your weight loss.

Step 2: Stop the Shaming

Shaming yourself about your eating puts a direct block between you and figuring this out.  And it adds to feeling out of control.  If you didn’t have to shame yourself about your food choices, how could you talk to yourself instead?

Step 3: Be Curious

If you made a choice to eat something with a craving and have stepped out of shaming yourself, the next step is to be curious.  What was this eating about?  What do you really need right now?  This is the path to creating real change in your eating.

Listen to the full episode below for more details and tips.

In this episode.

  • How to take back control in your weight loss