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Sustainable. Is this a word you use to describe your medical practice?

Often as physicians, we spend our lives putting out fires with the hope that “next month should be quieter”.

But that calmer month never materializes…

A sustainable medical career doesn’t just happen – it is created by you.

Which is why I’m excited to welcome Dr. Sarah Smith (Host of the Sustainable Clinical Medicine Podcast) onto the podcast this week.

In this interview, we dig into what can make your days feel more sustainable. She shares tips and tools you probably haven’t thought of before.
And when your days feel more sustainable, you will most likely find your eating easier to manage too. They go hand in hand.

It is possible to reclaim control over your days and re-discover your love of medicine again. Start by listening to this episode of the Thriving As A Physician podcast.

Listen to the full episode below.

Please share this episode with any physicians you know. We all need these tools!

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