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This is a bonus podcast episode of a webinar that I held this week.

Summers can be tricky from a weight perspective.  You may think it is going to go great and you will get ready for “swim suit season” but never seem to manage it.  Why is that? In this webinar I talk about the top 3 pitfalls for summer weight loss and give you strategies to avoid them.

Click below to listen to the episode.

Don’t Have FOMO this Summer!

Are you tired of finishing the summer without really remembering what happened in it.  Feeling like it passed you by? Do you want to feel healthy and relaxed at the end of this summer and maybe even have lost some weight?

 Join my 6 Week Best Summer Ever group coaching program.  Registration closes this friday, June 14th at 9pm PST.  Don’t miss out– we are going to have fun!