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Why Am I Eating Again?

Have you ever found yourself rummaging through the cupboard asking yourself that question?  Not hungry but also feeling like there is no choice but to eat?

Chances are, you are experiencing some form of emotional eating or stress eating.  Emotional eating is any eating that is done for reasons other than physical hunger.  These can be good reasons (holidays!) or more negative reasons (Bad day at work 🙁 ).

Sometimes, it can be really hard to differentiate the two.  The difference between physical and emotional hunger can be subtle.

It is not about the food. 

It may feel that some food is so compelling that you have no ability to resist the cravings.  If only you could just not want that particular food, all would be good. Right?

The reality is that emotional and stress eating are not about the food.  It is about what your brain thinks that particular food is able to give you.  Maybe it is comfort, a break, some relaxation, a solution for anger or sadness.  At some point, your brain created a connection between a problem and the food.

When you focus solely on the just not eating the food, you miss the true driver of the food cravings and your weight loss path becomes more difficult.

A better way is to be curious about what is behind the cravings. 

Ask yourself:

What problem is your brain trying to solve with food?  

Can food actually solve that problem?

What else could you do to solve this problem?

Listen to this week’s podcast below to get more practical tips about managing your stress eating.

Find Relief from Stress Eating 

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