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You Have Spent Enough Time Trying to Lose Weight 


How often have you told yourself that you are going to try to lose weight, see some success only to end up right back where you started?  

The word try is a double edges sword in weight loss.  It can help you get started on changes to your lifestyle when you decide to start trying to make changes. 

But it has a big problem. 

“Try” does not mean to actually acheive.  It literally means to make attempts at achieving goals.    Not to reach the goal. 

Let’s look at this from how our brains work.  You have a thought that you are going to try to lose weight.  But within this thought, there is an element of uncertainty.  You aren’t sure if you are going to lose weight.  You aren’t sure if you will be able to reach your goal.  You know you can try, but aren’t sure you can get all the way. 

This uncertainty then becomes a loop hole your brain can use.  After all, if you are trying but unsure if you can do it, why would you go through a nice dinner without eating the dessert? It becomes easier to stray from your eating plans because there is an element of uncertainty embedded in the word “try”. 


Change One Word and Change Your Path 

If you get rid of the word “Try” in your weight loss vocabulary, you will automatically feel more focussed and more committed. More confident in your abilities.  When you feel that way, decisions become simpler.  You can stick to your plan with more ease and less struggle. 

So how do you do this?  It is a simple as swapping “try” for a more intentional word. Decide that you “will” lose weight. Or think “I am” thoughts about your goal.  I am going to reach my goal.  

Simply swapping the word try for a different one will totally change how you feel about the goal and the process and will help you stay committed. 

If Your Brain is Freaking Out, Don’t Worry 

If changing “I am going to try to lose 50 pounds” to “I will lose 50 pounds” makes your brain freak out, don’t worry. 

It does not mean anything about your ability to accomplish that goal.  It is normal when we set big goals for our brain to show us all the ways it won’t work.  

Just keep using your new intentional statement and let your brain freak out.  Don’t let it make you second guess yourself or your goal. 

You’ve got this. 


You Dont Have to be Overwhelmed by Your Weight. 

Struggling with emotional eating can feel so overwhelming and frustrating.  When you know what you “should” be doing but just can’t consistently do it.  Weight Solutions for Physicians private coaching takes you from feeling overwhelmed to losing weight with simplicity and an ease that is hard to imagine.   

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