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How many times in a day do you tell yourself you didn’t do something quite good enough?

Think carefully… This type of thinking often flies under the radar.  You may not notice it at first.

Maybe it sounds like…

… I should have caught that diagnosis earlier

… Other doctors stay on time, why can’t i?

… I’m not spending enough time with my kids

… I should be enjoying my time with the kids more

… Why do I keep eating this junk food?

… I’m new to this leadership role, I don’t know what I’m doing yet.

… I wish my body looked different

……. <insert the laundry list of other versions of this> ….

This thinking can filter into almost every area of your life.

It weighs down your days.

It makes you hesitate to reach for more.  To go for your dreams.

And it holds you back from loving your life.

I was recently at a coaching conference and realized how much of this thinking I still have.  I could see how much it was still holding me back from what is possible.

I recorded this special podcast episode for you while I was fired up from the conference 🔥😄.

Click here to listen to the podcast episode and learn how I am going to stop holding myself back with self doubt.

This is a continual process.  It will be ongoing.

And every little shift in letting go of self doubt matters.

It will make your days feel lighter.

And it will impact your eating and weight loss journey.


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