Ready to Find Control of Stress Eating?

Stress Eating SOS: 3 month stress eating coaching program exclusively for physicians.

  • Understand why you stress or binge eat and why it isn't your fault
  • Learn simple tools that fit in your busy schedule so you can be successful no matter how busy your days are
  • Feel an unparalleled level of support so you can figure out your weight for the last time

In this group program, I work with busy female physicians, like you, who are masters of juggling multiple demands on their time and energy .

As a physician, you may feel like you know what to do but find that it is so hard to stick to an eating plan when you are busy and stressed. By the end of the day, you can’t seem to stop snacking.

With Stress Eating SOS you will learn to change your relationship with food to eat food that fuels your body and makes you feel amazing.

So that you can lose weight feeling in control and unstoppable.

You are an amazing physician!  You have incredible knowledge and help so many people every day.  You know how to show up and get things done! 

Work, kids, house, and family….you’ve got it handled.  

If stress eating is the one thing you haven’t figured out, you deserve to get the best support available so you can take it off your to do list for the last time.

Do you...

  • Suddenly find yourself hitting the drive through and ordering #allthethings after a crazy day at work, even though you had been so careful at the beginning of the week?
  • Try to talk yourself into staying on your plan in the evening and yet end up raiding the candy cupboard once the kids are in bed?
  • Carry a secret shame about the fact that you are a doctor who hasn’t “fixed” your eating yet?

Imagine how free you will feel when you have the confidence and the skills to be in any situation and

not have a desire to overeat!

What if you could...

  • Stick to your plan effortlessly regardless of how busy the day is, how late you were up working or what tempting food crosses your path because you have the skills to manage any craving?
  • Spend your free time doing things you enjoy and with a sense of peace because you have so much mental & emotional space cleared up by not constantly thinking about food & your weight
  • Drive past the fast food that used to call your name without even flinching because you have absolutely no desire to eat there anymore?

All you need is the right support and the right tools. 

Tools that don't require you to depend on will power. 

Tools that will give you sustainable weight loss.


Stress Eating SOS

A Physician Only Program designed to help you find control over stress eating during the busiest times of your life. 

Tailored to physicians and the unique challenges we face in managing our weight, Stress Eating SOS is the solution you have been looking for.

 I will help you get back on track (and stay there)!

Stress Eating SOS is currently closed for enrolment.

The next group will be starting January 2021.

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Let me know as soon as it opens!

You Will Learn to...

  • Be around any food and not eat it while feeling completely at ease (no willpower needed)
  • Stop evening eating simply by addressing it at the source
  • Understand your eating at a deeper level so you can address the true drivers
  • Manage your day to day stress so your days feel better and you stay more relaxed
  • Eat food that lets you feel satisfied and lose weight
  • Set goals for your weight that really work for you
  • Give yourself compassion where it is needed so you can lose weight feeling positive and empowered.
  • Experience food cravings without eating and without relying on willpower.
  • Problem solve your own eating so you can keep moving towards your goals long after the course is finished.

Stress Eating SOS is currently closed for enrolment.

The next group will be starting January 2021.

Add your name to the waitlist by clicking below to be the first to know when it reopens.

Hi, I'm Dr.Siobhan Key

Course Creator, Certified Coach, Obesity and Family Physician

The struggles of stress eating while living a busy physician life are well known to me.  After years of feeling frustrated by my eating habits, I was able to lose 55 pounds and continue to maintain this loss. Unable to find help when I needed it, it is important to me that other physicians don't have to do this alone. I can help and it is simpler than you think.

I am a Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach, an expert in emotional and binge eating and a practicing Obesity Medicine Physician. As the host of the  internationally renowned Weight Solutions for Physicians Podcast, I help physicians across the globe manage stress and lose weight.

I am passionate about helping physicians who struggle with stress or binge eating.  I help my clients go from feeling overwhelmed and ashamed of their eating to being confident in their ability to lose weight and find peace from the constant brain chatter around food.

Stress Eating SOS utilizes the unique combination of powerful coaching techniques with an in depth knowledge of the science of obesity and weight loss.  This powerful combination allows my clients to see results in their weight and eating that they never dreamed would be possible.

Stress Eating SOS is currently closed for enrolment.

The next group will be starting January 2021.

Add your name to the waitlist by clicking below to be the first to know when it reopens.

Stress Eating SOS is a one of a kind experience.

There is nothing else like it. Managing stress eating will feel simple and easy for the long haul.  

Give yourself the gift of the best support in your stress eating. You will reach your goals faster and with so much less mental chatter when you know you have an expert coach by your side.

In My Client's Own Words...

The power of expert weight loss coaching

I’m a lot kinder to myself now. Definitely less binges during the course. The videos and weekly sessions kept me on track and there was a sense of accountability. It was simple and easy to connect and follow the guidance.

- Dr. K, Pediatrician

Siobhan is an amazing coach. Her background in Obesity Medicine brings a special level of knowledge required to deal with the emotional and physical struggles of those who deal with overweight and obesity.  For me, she helped me to figure out the most compassionate and healthy way to end my food struggles. Her no nonsense approach to coaching has given me breakthroughs I have not had in over 2 years."

-Dr. J, Internal & Obesity Medicine Physician

"I feel like I gained a lot of skills and tools to use. And I think it's a big deal that despite the fact that we are in a pandemic, I was able to use these skills to choose a different path, so that I come out on the other side being thankful to myself, instead of kicking myself for gaining weight. The coaching calls were most helpful, because I could ask specific questions and get coaching around my very specific issues. It was also great to hear other people's concerns."

- Dr. A, Emergency Medicine Physician

"Coaching with Siobhan has been absolutely life changing for me.  It has been the best thing I ever did for myself.  I always thought that when I die the one regret I would have is never being able to figure out how to lose weight and keep it off.  Through coaching I was able to figure out what my barriers were to losing weight, I was able to lose the weight I wanted to and I feel confident that I have the skills to maintain my weight.  I feel so fortunate that Siobhan does the work that she does and that our lives crossed paths."

- Dr. E, Emergency Medicine Physician

Stress Eating SOS is currently closed for enrolment.

The next group will be starting January 2021.

Add your name to the waitlist by clicking below to be the first to know when it reopens.