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What You Believe Can Hold You Back

Beliefs are things we have thought for long enough that they just feel like pure fact. And when it comes to our ability to lose weight and keep it off, we often have some doozies! Think about how long you have been trying to figure out your weight. Your brain has been building beliefs about weight loss that whole time.

And those beliefs can really hold you back! Picture if someone stood beside you all day long and told you how there was no way you be able to lose weight over and over again. Would you be very successful at losing weight? Probably not. And yet, that is often what we do to ourselves. We run a constant tape in our heads of self doubt and limiting beliefs.

Just because you believe it, doesn’t mean it is true

When you really start to examine your beliefs about yourself, you may be surprised at what is there. Some beliefs may have been picked up when you were a kid like the “I’ll always be chubby” one. Others may have been picked up after previous experiences, like the “I’ll never be able to keep weight off” belief.

The big thing to recognize here is just because you believe something now (and even if you have evidence that seems to support it from your past) does not mean that it is true.

You can look at these beliefs and choose which ones really aren’t serving you and let them go. And then you get to decide what you want to believe about yourself.

And here is the kicker… you don’t need anyone’s permission to change your beliefs. And you don’t need permission or evidence to choose to believe something new.

This week on the podcast, I go through the 10 most common beliefs that I see holding people back. Listen below. Stay tuned for next week’s episode where we will be talking about the second part of this; creating beliefs that propel you towards your goals.



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