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Interview with Ellie Kempton, Dietician

I’m so excited to have Ellie Kempton of Simply Nourished Nutrition on this week! Ellie is a dietician I worked with while I was working on improving my nutrition a few years ago.  

It was while I was working with Ellie that I realized my body just functioned better with a lower carb approach.  This is one of my favourite memories of her as she had never mentioned low carb to me. Not once.  We had been working on improving the quality of my carbs with a lot of whole food sources.  However, I found even whole food sources, made me want more and made it easier for me to make choices for “less whole food” options 😉.  I was a bit worried that I was going against what she stood for when I told her I thought I should just try low carb.  But to my surprise, she turned out to be a low carb advocate and started sending me all sorts of resources!

Post Menopausal Realities

Ellie’s private practice is geared towards woman who want to age gracefully.  She considers herself more of a Lifestyle Architect than just a dietician. In this episode, Ellie gives some great tips about weight loss through the peri and post menopausal stages.  The reality is things do change as the hormones change.  I think most women who have tried losing weight after a certain age have probably experienced this.

First step is stress management.  Sound familiar? This is truly a cornerstone of weight management for anyone who wants a lasting weight loss. Even more important when you in an age bracket where weight is just that little bit harder to lose.

The next thing Ellie recommends is watching your intake of additional estrogens. These can sneak into our diet through certain foods but also from chemicals we use or plastic containers.

As I mentioned above, Ellie does not recommend that everyone cut out all carbs.  Rather, she suggests if you do chose to eat carbs that they be high quality.  If you are eating grains, they should be the whole, unadulterated grain, not a whole grain flour or cracker etc.

Make sure you listen to the whole episode below for even more tips from Ellie.  Check her out at Simply Nourished Nutrition.


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