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Let it be Simple

If you survey a room of people about what it is like to lose weight, the majority would say that it is hard, difficult, time consuming….{insert other adjectives}.  How many would tell you it was simple?  What would you say if you were asked that question?

It is interesting to look at where the concept that weight loss is hard comes from. It stems from out past experiences, what we have been taught and from our past thoughts.  It may feel very factual and non-negotiable.  But the reality is that it does not have to be hard.

You can choose to let it be simple.

What is Simple Weight Loss?

I like to think of simple weight loss as being in a flow state. It is when making the choices that allow you to lose weight feel as simple as the choices you have always made.  Simplicity is when you don’t feel like you are constantly exerting energy to stay on track. 

Imagine who much simpler it would be to lose the weight you want and keep it off if you could foster this state regularly.

I can tell you that weight loss can really feel like this.  It can feel simple. It can feel effortless.

Ask Better Questions

We often tell ourselves the way things our.  If you make a statement like “It is hard for me to lose weight”, then your brain will stop there.  It has an answer, a fact.  No need to proceed further.  And then guess what, it becomes hard to lose weight.

The better path is give your brain questions.  A question will send your brain on a solution finding mission.  It will start showing you all the different ways you could approach the same situation.

So next time weight loss feels hard, ask yourself one of these questions:  

How could this be simple?

What would make this easier?

How could I let this be simple?

Make sure to listen to this podcast episode for more tips on letting weight loss be simple.


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