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We’ve been told there are 2 gears in managing our weight:

👟 The Pedal to the metal, full out, head down and get it done gear


🐢 The go back to old habits and stop trying (while trying to psych yourself up for another try) gear

Does that sound sustainable?

Not at all.

And therein lies one of the biggest problems with how we have been taught to lose weight: you flip between feeling like you are running the race of your life or not doing anything. And that directly sets you up for failure (not your fault) in the long term.

But guess what? Just because you have been taught to approach your weight this way, doesn’t mean you have to keep following this path.

You can find a sustainable gear.

You can work towards making change consistently without feeling like you are working so hard at it (yes, it’s true)

When I learned how to do this, it was one of the biggest shifts in my own weight loss journey.

I’m sharing my thoughts & tips on how to create this in your life inside this week’s episode of the Thriving As A Physician podcast. Listen to the full episode below.

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