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Is your list of New Year’s resolutions starting to look like a to-do list?

Or maybe you have had such bad experiences with resolutions that you feel afraid to think about goals for the new year…

If so, it’s time for a different approach.

Resolutions are destined to fail for multiple reasons.

They’re tasks we “should” do (and don’t really have time for), rather than things we want to do.

And they are based on the idea that you need to be fixed in some way (BTW- you are not a DIY project and do not need to be fixed)

It’s time to change that.

This year, let’s set health goals that inspire you.

Goals that make you excited about your health journey and the possibilities ahead.

Listen to this week’s Thriving As A Physician podcast episode for my tips on how to get out of the resolution cycle and start building goals that feel really good (and work better).

Listen to the full episode below.

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