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Do you Self Sabotage?

Self sabotaging or self defeating behaviours can play a big role in weight struggles.  If you find you can follow a plan and see some success but then suddenly start choosing to revert to old behaviours & tell yourself it doesn’t matter any more, you are probably self sabotaging.

Self sabotage can also show up in non-food ways.  It can show up as substance use or drinking, procrastination and interpersonal conflict.  These are not directly weight related but they can also impact weight through the stress they create in your life.

Learning about this topic and recognizing where it is showing up in your life is key.  When it is unrecognized or thought of as being out of your control, it will keep interfering with your long term weight loss success. 

Listen to the podcast episode below to hear about how to recognize it and what to do about self sabotage.  It’s a good one!

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