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Journeys with Self Doubt: A hidden barrier

Self doubt is a sneaky emotion. It can impact our weight loss, our enjoyment of work and the rest of our lives. It is often hidden and doesn’t sit right at the surface of our emotions. And yet, it can drive many behaviours like overeating or eating off plan.

In this week’s episode, I talk about a realization about self doubt that I have had recently. I have been experiencing more food cravings and urges to eat off plan over the past few months and was working on figuring out where they were coming from.

The answer hit me on a run this week: It’s self doubt that I am feeling.

I think this is a really good topic to talk about because most physicians I know struggle with some element of self doubt. Our jobs are high pressure and we are expected to make the right decisions with often limited time and other resources. We also often hold ourselves personally to even higher standards than we would hold our colleagues.

This leads to self doubt when we aren’t sure we are truly measuring up to these high standards we set for ourselves (lets be honest, no one could really measure up to these standards every single day!)


What does self doubt get us? It often gets us stuck. We ruminate and try to predict other peoples thoughts or the future. What it doesn’t often get us is taking action to improve things.

And it doesn’t help your weight loss….

The same is true in weight loss. If you doubt your ability to lose weight, what will often happen is you will get stuck and ruminate on what you should be doing but find it difficult to take the actions you need.

The other way self doubt impacts your weight loss is it can be a driver of overeating. Doubt feels uncomfortable. We don’t like it and want to get rid of it. Often eating seems like a good solution in the moment but only lasts a short time.

So how do you start getting beyond the self doubt? Have a listen to this week’s episode for my tips.


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