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Do you ever feel like you get in the way of your own success? Or in the way of yourself reaching the goals you are working on?

You are not alone.

I was having one of those Sundays where I felt sort of edgy and anxious heading back into the week and decided to sit down and do some journaling. I wrote a letter to myself, from my future self. I was writing it with my future goals in mind.

I generally consider myself to be positive thinking and generally believe in myself, but what I noticed was that there’s this little voice in the back of my head…

“I’m not quite measuring up”

“Maybe there’s a better way to do this”

“I should have done that differently”

I noticed, through this process, that this constant drain of the worry and the doubt holds me back from actually reaching my goals.

Sound familiar?

It is so easy to say mean things to yourself; those thoughts happen easily and often, without question. But what happens if you try to say something nice to yourself?

In this episode I talk about Radical Self-Acceptance and how you can learn to accept yourself right now. Decide that everything that you are doing and being is enough. Even before you have evidence that this is true.

Learn to accept every single aspect of yourself and decide that every single aspect of yourself is enough.

Accept that you are imperfect, we all are, but even in your imperfections you are enough. Perfection does not exist.

Check out the full podcast episode to learn more.

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