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I’m driving home in the car after having a hectic day in the office. I felt behind most of the day and had to leave without getting all my notes done.

I haven’t even stopped to eat lunch yet and my stomach is growling. My brain is buzzing from juggling multiple demands.

And that’s when it happens…

A little voice says “We could just….<insert some option that generally includes fries>”

It sounds so luring. Like it is the answer I have been waiting for. My chance for a little break.

And then it is followed by a whisper of “You don’t really have a choice”

Wait, WHAT???
No choice???

The interesting thing is how compelling and truthful it feels in the moment. Trust me, I have believed it many, many times in my life.

Have you experienced something similar?

What does your brain whisper to you in those vulnerable moments to try to get you to eat?

Now ask yourself, do you like that reason?

I sure as heck don’t want to eat because “I have no choice”. That feels horrible!

How you say “Yes” to food matters. There is a skill to do it in a way that makes your food enjoyable AND helps you reach your goals.

This week in the podcast, I am teaching you how to say yes to food so you stay on track to your goals.

Loving why you say yes to food is part of thriving in your weight loss.

And you deserve to thrive.

Listen to the episode below.

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