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Self Sabotage doesn’t happen with the eating of food.  The sabotage actually occurs in how you think about what you ate.

It’s the thoughts that trigger further eating and further sabotage.

In a previous episode of the podcast I talked about Self Sabotage, how to manage it and where it comes from. In this episode, I’ll teach you how to identify where the actual sabotage is happening and how to change it in the simplest way.

What might be considered self sabotage? Some examples would be…

  • A consistent eating streak where you see progress suddenly turns into you eating foods that you know will move you in the opposite direction of your long term goals; 
  • A recurring theme in your eating. You are really careful in the day but the evenings are a struggle, or you are careful all week and the weekends are a struggle; 
  • Repetitively eating a specific food that you know is not helping you meet your goals.

When it comes to self sabotage, food is never the issue. It’s always how you’re thinking about it. It’s all of the self defeating and failure thoughts that you have when you feel like you’ve made a mistake that creates the feeling of self sabotage.

This is something that we work on in Stress Eating SOS. We work on the little nuances to help you create a customized approach that feels good, fits in your life, so that you can lose weight in a lasting way.

If all of this sounds familiar, and you want to learn more about how you can shift the way that you think about your so-called self sabotaging behaviour, listen to the full episode below.

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