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Here’s a secret about me… I’m a Disney geek. Complete and total geek.  Nothing gets me as excited as planning a trip to Disney and my kids and I regularly geek out about which rides we will do first when it is finally safe to travel again.

I love the excitement of the rides.  The twists and turns, the fast plunging drops and the swoops up again.  I can’t wipe the smile off my face.

But… I do not feel the same about my rides on the diet roller coaster.

I feel like I have ridden that particular rollercoaster enough times in my life to have every turn memorized. 

How about you? Are you familiar with it too?

It lacks all the polish and fun of the Disney rides.  And the plunges and swoops are accompanied by feelings of failure and defeat.

It’s time to step away from this ride.  

Let me be clear… riding the diet roller coaster is not a requirement for reaching your weight loss goals.  It does not help you in your progress.  If anything, it creates distraction so you lose focus from your real goals. 

You get sidelined by seeing the scale go up a couple of pounds or by focussing on one or two food choices you made.  Your brain may get stuck and can’t look away.  You may obsess over what you think you did wrong.  And that directly gets in your way of problem solving and just getting back to what was working.

So how do you get off the diet roller coaster? Listen to this week’s podcast episode to hear all of my tips and get more details.  Here are the top 4 tools to step away from the diet roller coaster for good.

  1. Notice black and white thinking in your eating and weight loss journey.  It creates the big swings.
  2. Believe in yourself.  At the core of all of this, you need to foster a belief that you can reach your goals… even when it feels like you are going in the opposite direction.
  3. Look for the middle ground.  Weight loss is not made of absolutes (though we have been taught it is).  Find the places where a grey zone will feel better for you and still help you move towards your goals.
  4. Be Kind.  Be Compassionate.  Even when you think you are failing.  Especially when you think you are failing.  It is kindness and compassion that will get you back on track, not beating yourself up.

Listen to the full episode for all the details about how to apply these tips to your own weight loss journey.

And if you love the idea of stepping off the roller coaster and finding success in weight loss in a way that will last (so you can stop looking over your shoulder waiting for it to “find” you again) then Stress Eating SOS is the program for you.

Stress Eating SOS is the group coaching program exclusively for physicians who struggle with their weight and sometimes feel out of control around food.  It will help you find ease and freedom around food so that you can reach your weight loss goals, feel your best and live a life you love.

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In this episode.

  • The top 4 tools to step away from the diet rollercoaster for good.
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