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You are not the same person that you were when you first started Med School. 

Let’s break that down even more. Think back to the person that you were when you first started your third year rotation. The brand new medical student of you that started was an entirely different person than the end of third year version of you that finished. By accomplishing that goal of getting through clerkships you evolved and changed as a person.

This same process applies to your weight loss. 

The process of losing weight for good is going to change you and create a new life for you in the process. So it’s important to start by looking at what you actually want that life to look like. 

When you decide to lose weight, you are highly motivated and probably focus on losing the weight in the fastest way possible. You may make choices that you are willing to tolerate in the moment because it will help get you to your goal. 

But, approaching your weight loss in that way doesn’t create lasting results. If you are not fully on board with the restrictions you put in place to reach your goal then eventually you will throw the entire plan out the window. 

What is a better way?

Reverse engineering your weight loss. Think of how to start your weight loss with the end in mind.

Ask yourself what you will want your life to look like when you are maintaining your weight loss.  Not what you are willing to tolerate right now to get started, but what will you be happy eating for the rest of your life? What would be important to include?

When you think about it with the end in mind you are working to build a customized approach to your weight loss that will not only help to get you to your goal, but that you will be comfortable with maintaining long term. And this is a big part of what we talk about in the Stress Eating SOS program.

You are worthy of approaching everything, including weight loss, from a place of being kind and compassionate to yourself. You are worthy of designing a way of eating healthy, reaching weight loss goals, that is kind and that you actually like.

Read that again. You are worthy of doing this in a way that creates a life you love.

Weight loss isn’t something that you can force yourself into. Stop strong-arming yourself into restrictive diets that you don’t like.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about how reverse engineering your weight loss can help you create the life you want.


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