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Restriction sucks big time. 

I suspect you agree with me on this.  None of us like to be restricted.

But the moment we start thinking about losing weight, we are shifting into restrictive thoughts…

“I guess I can’t have cream in my coffee any more…”

“So & So on facebook lost a lot on the XYZ diet, I guess i need to try that again…”

“I really love bread, but I guess I can’t ever eat it anymore…”

“That’s it, I’m only letting myself eat clean foods.  No more sugar.  No more processed foods. Oh… I guess that means I can’t eat with the family at my kid’s birthday this weekend… I’ll just need to really focus and  hang in there…” 

These thoughts make you look forward to working on your weight about as much as you look forward to working on the endless pile of forms on your desk at the end of a long day.

It sucks.  You’ll probably want to delay and avoid it as much as possible.

And definitely, you won’t want to keep doing it day after day after day.

So don’t.  

Stop believing that restriction is necessary for weight loss. 

It’s not.

Feeling restricted actually reduces your chances of success long term.  It doesn’t work. 

Instead, learn to build abundance in your weight loss.  Abundance is sustainable.  It’s enjoyable.  And it works 😀

A couple times recently, I’ve helped physicians in Thrive Academy with this.  The relief they feel is immediate (I can see them literally relaxing into their chair as this concept sinks in).  But they also tell me weeks later how this one concept completely changed their eating.  

I want you to experience this too.

I know it can be hard to see how to make this switch on your own – our brains just slip into restriction so easily.  

That’s why I recorded a podcast episode for you on exactly how to switch from restriction to abundance.

Listen to the full episode below.

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