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Do you shudder when you think about “reducing your portion sizes”? 🥴

It’s such common diet advice (and a solid part of the old “eat less, exercise more” philosophy we were all trained in) that many of us walk around thinking about reducing portion sizes but finding it REALLY hard to actually do.

Lucky for you, I’m sharing my tips on managing portions (without staring longingly at the leftovers wishing you could have a little bit more) on this week’s podcast episode.

The reality is that losing weight often involves eating less food energy in some way and reducing portion sizes can be an effective way to do that… when it is done in a way that doesn’t trigger more restriction.

The problem with the way you have been taught to reduce your portions is to “just stop eating”. But then what happens when you are still hungry? Or when you have had a super stressful day and every cell in your body just wants to eat a little more to relax?

Just trying to eat less won’t work in these situations.

In fact, it will just leave you hanging on for dear life until you just can’t sustain that level of effort anymore.

To do portion control differently, you need to think differently and look beyond the food to the real reasons why you are reaching for those leftovers on your kid’s plates.

Listen to this week’s Thriving As A Physician Podcast episode to learn my tips about reclaiming portion control and making it work for you.

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