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Welcome to the third episode in the Weight Loss Kickstart series on the podcast! In this episode you will get an inside look at the recent Q & A and some common concerns and difficulties that other Physicians are struggling with. 

Learn how to change your thoughts so that you can approach your weight loss in a way that feels kind and supportive.

The episodes in this series were originally recorded during the live sessions in my recent Kickstart Challenge.  They are so full of valuable information that I couldn’t keep them to myself. I am excited to share them with you over the next couple of weeks. 

Even if you participated in the challenge live, I encourage you to listen again. You may discover new details and new information that you didn’t catch the first time around.

Throughout the Q & A session it became clear that as Physicians, many of you struggle with similar issues. Listen to the full podcast episode to hear about those issues and concerns and how you may be able to approach the topics with ease.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about how you can reconfigure your thoughts around food and how it relates to weight loss. 

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If you’ve been thinking about joining us in Stress Eating SOS, now is the time.