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Dr. Siobhan Key Weight Solutions for Physicians

Your days are packed. There are so many things on your to-do list.

You start the week with good intentions to eat healthy and yet find yourself heading to the kitchen cupboards in the evening.

You find yourself so exhausted by the course of your clinic days that you just don’t have the energy to care about your healthy eating. Those sweets in the break room just seem like a better choice.

You finally have a chance to relax in the evening and can’t believe you are back in the kitchen again (and again). After all, you are a physician, you should have figured this out.

Stress and Binge Eating are challenging habits that take a different approach to correct.

It is not your fault that diets haven’t worked.

They never were the

right choice

for these issues.

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Freedom from constant food or weight related chatter as you go through your day.

The confidence of being in any food situation without the need to overeat.

Knowing that you will follow through on your health eating plans without depending on willpower.

Reaching your goals and knowing that you have done this for the last time.

Dr. Siobhan Key Weight Solutions for Physicians

There is a better way-

get the expert support you deserve!

I work with a limited nunber of physicians for one on one coaching. So you get the high level support to see the results you have been dreaming of.

This private coaching experience is like none other and is designed to take you from feeling defeated and frustrated with out of control eating to sailing through your food choices with freedom and ease.

Personalized coaching is the most efficient way to focus on the areas you are struggling and create custom solutions.

Some eating issues are difficult to discuss in a group coaching environment. If you can’t speak up, you won’t get the help you need. That’s why I offer these select private coaching spots.

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Dr. Siobhan Key Weight Solutions for Physicians

With a background in Obesity Medicine and certification from The Life Coach School, I’ve mastered the EXACT skills you need to say goodbye to stress and binge eating for good.


And I’ll teach every last one to you.

I don’t work privately with everyone. But I DO work with physicians who are ready to commit to making this the last time they lose weight. To step into a different way of approaching stress eating and binge eating that will make it last.


Platinum Private coaching is 3 months of immersion into finding your personal weight solutions so you get results.

What’s included

in your Platinum Private Coaching Experience:


3 months of Private coaching calls every week so you get the most efficient tools for exactly what you are struggling with.

Unlimited email support so you get the support when you need it. This lets me help you when you are struggling rather than waiting until your next session.

Video tools delivered weekly to your inbox. You can watch when it works for you and we can use your coaching time to build on them.

Dr. Siobhan Key Weight Solutions for Physicians

I will teach you…

Dr. Siobhan Key Weight Solutions for Physicians

How to experience food cravings without eating so you can be around any food and just not be bothered by it.

How to reduce the number of food cravings and urges to binge you have so you spend less time managing them.

How to let go of the weight related luggage you have been dragging around to make this journey lighter and easier.

How to go to special events and not overeat so you can enjoy the event without guilt afterwards.

How to manage evening eating so you can relax in the evening without feeling out of control in the kitchen.

How to manage stressful situations during yur days so your whole day feels better (and you have less food cravings).

As a result of the program

you will…

Have peace from the food and weight chatter in your brain.

Have solid weight loss tools that you can apply to any situation.

Have the confidence that you can manage your weight no matter what life throws at you.

Feel better in your body.

Find more enjoyment in your relationships.

Feel less stressed and hurried through your days.

Dr. Siobhan Key Weight Solutions for Physicians

I guarantee this experience will change you and your weight loss forever.

If you show up, do the work, I will show you how to reach your weight loss goals.

Platinum Private Coaching is a way of losing weight that leaves you feeling empowered
– not beating yourself up, relying on willpower. 

It’s about finding your personal weight solutions that last.

What you need to know about me

Not only have I helped many physicians find freedom from stress and binge eating, I understand what it is like at a personal level. Every one of the tools I will teach you, I have used in my own life and know that they work.

When you hire me for Platinum coaching, it’s like having someone walk beside you in your weight loss journey. You are no longer alone. And the best part is, I can point out the simple changes that you can make that will get you to your goal in the most efficient manner.

It cleans up all the confusion you feel.

So you get to relax and focus on letting your weight loss be easy.

Dr. Siobhan Key Weight Solutions for Physicians

Platinum Private Coaching is an investment. Both in your time and financially. It is 3 months of intensive expert coaching on exactly what you need.

But it is 100% worth it to have the relief of no longer having to figure this out on your own and knowing that you have access to the best support out there. That you have an expert walking step by step with you.

The investment is $3500 for the 3 month private program (payment options available).

I believe in you and I believe that you can reach your gaols
(while feeling an ease you have never felt before).

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Your Next Steps

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I am currently booking in early 2021.

You will be contacted soon with more information.

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In My Client’s Words…

I had it a plateau and was finding it difficult to break through the plateau. Weight Solutions for Physicians allowed me to figure out why I was struggling with losing weight. I really really loved that there were weekly personal coaching sessions. Through coaching I was able to figure out what my barriers were to losing weight, I was able to lose the weight I wanted to and I feel confident that I have the skills to maintain my weight.

– Dr. D. Emergency Medicine Physician

Before starting coaching I felt frustrated and discouraged. Now I feel empowered, motivated, encouraged. Weight solutions for Physicians gave me tools to be aware of my choices, and it put me in control of my behaviours, no longer a slave to my cravings and impulses. Changing my mindset has been the most improtant part of my transformation.

– Dr. A. Obesity Medicine Physician

I absolutely recommend Weight Solutions for Physicians to others. I now have confidence in my approach to weight loss and I feel in control – more control overall “life”. I feel like I know what to do and have a plan, even if success has been slow I don’t feel frustrated – just aware of the need for me to be consistent. More so than weight I feel like I have more control over frustrations in life due to work/home – etc. I have realized how much power I have to change how I feel overall.

– Dr. V. Family Medicine Physician

Siobhan is an amazing coach. Her background in Obesity Medicine brings a special level of knowledge required to deal with the emotional and physical struggles of thouse who deal with overweight and obesity. For me, she helped me to figure out the most compassionate and healthy way to end my food struggles. Her no nonsense approach to coaching has given me breakthroughs I have not have in over 2 years. She is thoughtful, attentive, and thorough. I highly recommend her as a coach.

– Dr. J. Internal Medicine Physician

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