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You may be wondering… “What is a weight loss coach doing talking about money??”

Well… Money, eating and weight are closely linked on multiple levels.

This week’s topic is a great one for you if you see yourself in any of these…
You find yourself snacking when you feel worried about money issues
You avoid doing financial tasks like getting your taxes ready, or paying bills by turning to food
You work more to create more income but forget to care for yourself in the process and old habits sneak back in.

And the most important reason why I’m talking about money tips this week is that financial health is an essential part of overall wellness.

When you care for your wellness as a whole, it makes sticking to your healthy eating easier.

Which is why I am excited to have Dr. Latifat Akintade on the podcast with me this week. In this week’s episode she shares lots of practical tips for improving your financial health as a physician (plus she is a lot of fun to learn from!)

“Like many Physicians, I went into medicine to help people. My plan was to practice medicine for a long, long term, with joy and fulfillment. I soon found out that there was a lot of burnout in medicine. Physicians were losing autonomy, buried under bureaucracy, yet shackled by large student debt and other financial burden. I knew things had to be different. I began my journey of preventing my own burnout. I wanted the freedom to practice medicine out of love and not obligation.

Saddled with a deep, negative six-figure net-worth, I knew I wanted more for my family. I needed to have choices that financial freedom can afford me.

I had to get over my fear and anxiety about money and the many limiting beliefs about money.

I needed to learn “How to have money”.

I now teach teach women physicians to create their own rich life, so they can live life well and practice medicine on their own terms.” ~ Dr. Latifat Akintade

Managing your finances can be simple.

Listen to the podcast episode by clicking here.

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