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Positive Beliefs are Magic

My kids believe in magic. They believe this with all their hearts and so only see the things that prove them right. They don’t see all the things that could cast doubt on their magical beliefs and so they keep believing.

I think this is such an important thing to note. We have all believed something in our life that we had no evidence for, it just seemed the right thing to believe.

And when you choose to believe something, you start finding evidence for it. My kids can find evidence that fairies have been in the forest. Me? I just see trees.

How does this apply to your weight loss? Listen carefully and let this sink in… You get to choose to believe whatever you want about your weight loss. You don’t need anyone’s permission to change your beliefs about yourself. And the best part is, when you practice believing something, your brain will start finding evidence for it.

Believing hard is a superpower! (Maybe magic is real after all)

What Do You Want to Believe?

So, If we can believe whatever we want about our weight loss, why would we choose to think negative thoughts?

If you can decide that weight loss is simple and your brain will go ahead and start showing you how easy it can be, why would you spend time thinking that it is hard?

What if you believed you would figure this out no matter what and no matter how long it takes you? Then your brain would start showing you how committed you are and how you have the ability to figure things out. It kinda makes spending time worrying that you might fail seem less attractive, doesn’t it?

Believing that you can experience any food craving and not eat is so much more empowering than believing you are powerless in the face of certain foods.

I could go on and on with examples of powerful beliefs that will propel you forward in your weight loss. To hear more examples, check out this week’s podcast episode.

What are you going to choose to believe about your weight loss?



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