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Living in possibility can help you reach your goals; it may even be necessary to reach them. Despite that, I’ve seen how it can be so hard to let go of rigid beliefs and step into a life of possibility.

There are many things you have been able to do, without knowing how, by believing in the possibility of doing them. Think about applying to med school. There were obstacles and roadblocks to overcome, but you kept going because of the possibility. Believing in the possibility of something and living in it can be a transformative thing.

For some reason, other aspects of life are easier to see the possibilities in than weight loss. We are often fighting against our own embedded thought patterns that weight loss has to be a struggle. If it’s easy? Well, then our brain tells us that it can’t and won’t work.

What if we could work on believing that possibility of the middle ground? Think about that for a moment. How would it feel? How would it fit into your day? Maybe any obstacle you come upon can just be a learning experience that you can get up and see the possibilities of.

You don’t have to struggle. If you just let go of the internal resistance and see the possibilities, it becomes easier. Notice when those brick walls come up and acknowledge them. And then look for the possibilities.

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In this episode.

  • Living in possibility makes consistency easier.
  • Internal resistance keeps you from seeing the possibilities.
  • Obstacles don’t have to stop you; they can just teach you.
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