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Have you ever been frustrated with a plateau in your weight loss journey? Do you ever feel like it is not happening fast enough? That what you are doing is not working?

We all have. Maybe you feel like you have been following “all the rules” and nothing is working.

This perceived plateau is usually when we start to feel overwhelmed with a frantic sense. And this hurried frantic sense is where we begin to question everything. We feel like things are not happening fast enough, maybe you begin to jump from diet plan to diet plan, or maybe you even fall back into your old habits, even though you know (from past experiences) that they do not work.

The Oxford Dictionary defines plateau as “a temporary state of little or no change, followed a period of activity or progress.”


What happens in our thoughts when we think we have hit a plateau, is that we create this experience that is much more than it really is. We create our own tripping hazards!

When you feel like results aren’t happening fast enough there is this immediate urge to change something to get things happening again. Why is that? Is it possible to take a step back and reassess how you are feeling at this moment?

In this week’s podcast episode we will explore ways to manage your mind, to find tools that are going to work for you so that you can get out of your own way. Remove the tripping hazards.

Listen to the podcast to find out how you can move beyond the plateau.