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Weight loss can seem like a lonely process. As a physician it can feel particularly isolating because we feel like we should have figured this out all ready. That’s why for this week’s episode I have invited previous and current clients to share their journeys. Listen to their stories and know that these are amazing women physicians who at one time were exactly where you are. They are each sharing the skills that have allowed them to find control in their eating and more enjoyment in their days. I hope that you can find some inspiration from their stories.

Lisa is a surgeon in Nova Scotia. Since residency, she picked up bad habits like stress eating and not eating for long periods followed by bingeing. Lisa felt out of control and had trouble committing to weight loss. Since starting coaching, Lisa now feels in control and has learned to watch her negative thoughts. The most powerful thing she has experienced is feeling comfortable in her own body.

Erica is an Emergency Room physician in Ontario who has struggled with her weight her whole life. Once she ran out of excuses, she began her journey solo until she hit a plateau. Coaching has taught Erica to ask for and accept help. Now she can manage her thoughts and, for the first time, feels confident that she can keep the weight off. This has allowed her to hit not only her initial weight loss goal but the second, more ambitious one she set for herself.

Jena is a physician in a rural area of Alberta and has struggled with emotional eating. Since learning how to do the thought work through coaching, Jena has begun to get a handle on her food urges. Being in a group program has taught her about support and compassion.

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In this episode.

  • Having a clear vision for where you want to go will help you stay focused on your goals.
  • You too can reach your goals; the place to focus is on your thoughts.
  • Awareness of your thoughts and urges surrounding food can help you combat them.
  • Be compassionate with yourself.
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